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Modification Saturday!  I spent an entire day working on my Jeep this past weekend.  I installed a few different components that I will review separately, but probably the biggest item was the MyGig Lockpick Pro!  This is basically a module that plugs inline between the factory wiring harness of your Jeep and the MyGig head unit.  By installing this system, it unlocks many useful features, and enables new capabilities previously not available.

For starters, this enables cameras on your Jeep.  Having the 3″ Rancho lift with 35″ Mud Grapplers (specifically the spare tire), as you might imagine, caused rear visibility issues while backing up.  The Wranglers don’t come with a backup camera from the factory, at least mine did not, so this was one of the main items I wanted to install after the lift.  The Lockpick Pro not only allows for this backup camera, but a total of 4 cameras!  I debated for a bit on where to install these cameras on the Jeep.  I always knew I wanted a backup camera and a front-facing camera for parking & clearance purposes, but wasn’t sure if I wanted the 2 remaining cameras to be side mounted (which can be automatically activated when you use your blinkers) or mounted underneath the vehicle for clearance checks while off road on the trail.

I decided to go with an under body mount facing front and rear to have visibility of the axles & diffs.  I mounted these two cameras to the OEM skid plate in a recessed section to avoid being clipped off if the Jeep bottoms out.

The Lockpick Pro also removes all those annoying locks your OEM unit enforces, such as navigation address entry while the vehicle is in motion in case your passenger wants to enter this data, and the ability to watch a DVD in motion in case your passengers want to watch a movie on a trip, etc..

The front and rear cameras can be automatically enabled when the vehicle shifts into reverse and when the vehicle is in drive, but below 7mph.  Very cool options!

The Lockpick Pro also provides auxiliary RCA inputs for connecting things like an iPhone, iPod, iPad, DVD Player, or any other type of media streaming device that accepts RCA outputs or can be converted to such.  The Lockpick will play this on screen and stream the audio through the OEM sound system.  Further, the Lockpick Pro also has a set of RCA outputs in case you want to hook up additional monitors, say in the headrests for the rear passengers, where it will mirror anything on screen, such as a movie.  Awesome!

In summary, the Lockpick Pro is a MUST HAVE for any Jeep owner that still has the factory MyGig touchscreen system!  Navigation is not a requirement to use this, so as long as it is the MyGig system, this system will work!  It is incredibly simple to install, it’s 100% plug & play, no wire cutting or splicing into your OEM harness needed.  The only thing, wire wise, you’ll have to worry about is connecting your cameras to the supplied power/ground and RCA connections.  Very basic mobile electronics in play here.

*And yes, the jelly beans were included, free of charge lol


MyGig Lockpick Pro v5

The cameras I used for the project

Rear Facing WITH Guidelines Rear Facing WITHOUT Guidelines Front Facing WITHOUT Guidelines

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  1. Jhonny

    where is the link for the lockpick pro?

  2. The link is above below the blog post. It’s an Amazon link.

  3. Hello how are you? are you still selling the lockpick system? now they have an HDMI MYGIG AIR now compatible with iPhone iOS 11 android and now with and high definition HDMI port

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