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5-4-3-2-1….. Finally, a PPT timer you can use!

An easy way to drop in a nice countdown timer into your PowerPoint/Keynote presentations!  I have scoured the web to try and figure out a simple “insert timer” option; however, after many efforts failed, I finally decided to sit down and create a repeatable/reusable professional timer setup for use in presentations, trainings, lunch-n-learns, streaming webinars, etc..  I have added the download link below where I have bundled several example timers of varying minutes to help simplify your implementation.  Additionally, I have added an instructional video on how to leverage these in your presentations!  I hope you find value in this little tool.

6 thoughts on “PowerPoint Countdown Timers

  1. William Andrews

    Love the countdown timer – thanks! Will

    • Thanks for the comment Will.

  2. edward lamont

    Hay thank you so very very much. I have looked everywhere for a full screen Mac, offline timer… You Sir are awesome. Thank you

    • Thanks Edward, really appreciate it! Happy to help out!

  3. muchas gracias

    • de nada!

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