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So, you are looking at which lift kit to go with for your Wrangler or truck.. Rough Country, Rancho, Super Lift, OME, Metal Cloak (ha, yea right, that’s BIG money right there)…  You land on Rancho since they have made a name for themselves in the suspension/shock market, and most of their gear is red, so it just sounded like a perfect fit [for my red Jeep] 🙂

I definitely had to spring for the nice RS9000XL adjustable shocks with plans to install the myRIDE system after all the dust settled.. That’s when I learned that Rancho had discontinued the myRIDE system!  WHAT?!  You’re telling me that every time I want to adjust my nice, new, fancy shock absorbers, not only do I have to get out and crawl under the Jeep and turn a dial, but I have to do it 4 times lol!  I was disappointed to say the least, so I did the only logical thing anyone would do… I hit Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, etc.. in search of a myRIDE kit never installed.. Man it was slim pickings and I just assumed I would never be able to locate one.  I set an eBay search for Rancho myRIDE, saved it, and carried on living my life 🙂  Then, one day a few weeks ago, I get a lovely little email saying someone had just listed a new Rancho myRIDE system on eBay!  I jumped on it like a cat on a mouse, and the rest is history….

The system was actually incredibly easy to install.  It is comprised of a “brain” controller module that distributes the air pressure to the front & rear separately & communicates with the wireless controller.  A compressor is included which feeds into the controller module giving it pressure to distribute.  Rancho provides 4 new fittings that replace the old knobs on each shock, complete with seals & O-rings.  And finally, plenty of vacuum line with T fittings so you can connect the two rear shock lines together, the front together, then each of those feed lines plug into the main controller module of the system.  It also comes with a nice wireless remote for easy control inside the cab.

What I really love about this system, aside from it being wireless, is the fact I can now actually USE my adjustable shocks for what they were meant to be used for….Adjustability 🙂  If i’m towing a trailer, there is an easy pre-set for towing which stiffens up the rear to account for added tongue weight.  If i’m cruising on the highway, there is a nice preset for highway which softens them up a little to absorb any road imperfections (as much as a lifted vehicle with 35″s can lol).  Then, there is the myRIDE setting, which allows you full control of the front and rear on-the-fly!

I have already learned that when installing items on Jeeps that flex, you need to be very careful with leaving plenty of excess line to allow for axle flex.  You’ll notice in a few of the pictures & video, there is plenty of extra line zip tied around each shock so when the sway bar is disconnected and under full flex, the line won’t just yank out of the shock losing all the pressure, it will flex with the shock.  Time will tell if that vacuum line is up to the task of weather, movement, wear & tear without cracking & creating leaks.  If so, it looks easy enough to grab more vacuum line, and the fix would be quick and painless as the system has push-to-lock fittings.

Do yourself a favor…. If you have Rancho RS9000XL’s, or any other adjustable shock that the Rancho myRIDE system is compatible with (RS9000XL & quickLIFT lines), hop on eBay and setup a saved search so you can be ready the next time someone finds this little gem sitting in their closet never installed!

…Happy Wheelin’


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