OPT7 LED Headlights

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I wanted to do a quick write-up/review of the new OPT7 LED Arc-Beam headlight kit I got for the Miata.  In the past, when I have done headlight upgrades, I have defaulted to going the HID route.  A few issues I have bumped into in the past were ballast issues, flickering and warm-up times.  Now, once those HID’s warmed up and you ironed out any potential flickering, they were solid.  Another small annoyance, on some cars, those that have high & low beans coming from the same bulb, it would make it very hard to flash your headlights at oncoming traffic, for whatever the reason, since the bulbs need that warm-up period.

With the Mazda, I wanted to take another route and explore LED technology.  I must say, I am absolutely blown away by the ease of installation and engineering that went into this kit.  The LED’s are extremely well built, come with all necessary connection hardware, and even have built-in cooling fans in the heatsinks/ballasts.  These fire 100% brightness immediately, have a nice cool-blue tint (not overkill, just right), and were as easy as twist, lock, connect, done..

Currently, I only have the low beams installed, but I love these so much i’m going to order the high beam kit as well, which the same seller on Amazon also provides.  9004 for low’s and 9005 for high’s.

Notice the STELLAR ratings of this kit!  This is a no-brainer upgrade, do it!


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