2004 Mazdaspeed Miata MX-5

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Welcome to my Mazdaspeed Miata MX-5 build thread!

First, a quick Q&A to answer those obvious questions right off the bat…
Dude, you’re not exactly a small guy, why a Miata?

My dad bought this car several years ago, and recently found himself not hardly driving it at all, so much so it sat for so long apparently mice made a home in the engine bay and actually chewed through a wire we had to fix LOL.. So, moral of the story…… THE CAR WAS FREE 🙂  That’s exactly why I have it.. Would I go to the Mazda lot and say gimme the smallest car you make at 6′ 230 pounds?  NOPE!  But, i’ll climb into a toaster if it means saving gas, mileage and tread wear on my Rubicon 😉

Do you fit?

Actually, legroom isn’t an issue, even at 6′.  Matter of fact, I have to scoot the seat up a notch or two to get in a comfortable position.  Where the size of the car really makes itself known is the width.  You realize very quickly exactly how wide you are while sitting in it 🙂  But yes, I fit, and it isn’t bad at all honestly.

Mazda “Speed?”

For those of you who aren’t aware of the MazdaSpeed line of special vehicles, they are basically Mazda’s version of Ford’s SVT or Dodge’s SRT.  Most of the time this consists of slapping a turbocharger on them for more power, along with other styling accents, such as custom badges & unique wheels, etc..  The Mazdaspeed Miata was only made two years, in 2004 & 2005 and isn’t slow by any stretch, it actually has an OEM turbo and intercooler right from the factory.  Now, the turbo and intercooler are like the size of a bird’s nest, but they do help give the little 1.8L a pickup in power.  Hence, the build thread.. For those of you who know me, know I can’t drive ANYTHING stock 😉  Time for some upgrades, stay tuned……..

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OPT7 LED Headlights

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I wanted to do a quick write-up/review of the new OPT7 LED Arc-Beam headlight kit I got for the Miata.  In the past, when I have done headlight upgrades, I have defaulted to going the HID route.  A few issues I have bumped into in the past

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