2018 Ford SVT Raptor

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Welcome to my build thread for the 2018 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor!  This thing is…BEAST!

For starters… What day is it?  Yes, today is a Thursday, and I have yet another vehicle.. jokes jokes, laughs laughs..  “When will he ever learn?”  Ok, now that we have that out of our system, on to the details… 🙂

As much as I LOVED the Tesla, what I learned is apparently, the first gen’s (2012’s) were prone to, well, what first generation products are prone to.. bugs.  I had issues with the door handles (on multiple occasions), windows, rear brake light, suspension mounts and the elephant in the room, the MOTOR!  When you’re cruising home from work on a Friday, THIS is the message you do NOT want to see!

Suffice it to say, I sold the Tesla before the factory warranty expired, with a quickness, as you can’t simply stroll into your local AutoZone and pickup parts to repair it 😉

Onto the current build, the Raptor!

I really wanted to get a truck for many reasons, hauling, towing, room, offroad capability (yes, I considered another Jeep, but they simply don’t have enough room in the back seat to fit a rear facing infant car seat, comfortably). When I went to the lot, I was looking at the F150 and saw the Raptor and was immediately sold, well, almost.  As you know, the Raptors can be quite expensive, especially if you option them out with everything!  I happened to find this Raptor with the options I deemed “must have’s” (Sync3, Leather, Bluetooth, all the basic creature comforts).. Options that would have been NICE to haves, such as the pano sunroof, trailer backup assist, power folding mirrors and 360 bird’s eye view cameras, well, I REALLY wanted, but wasn’t going to drop another 15k to get them.

Also, big thanks to Ripple (XRP) for doing so well that helped me get this truck 😉

The new model Raptors come with the 3.5L EcoBoost Twin Turbo v6, but it’s a special version of the EcoBoost.. The High Output version 😉  That comes with power figures of 450hp and 510 ft. lbs. torque!  It also comes loaded up with a very capable offroad suspension, courtesy of Fox Racing, with 34″ AT tires, all factory.

Of course, these figures are crazy; however, I had More Power Tuning (MPT) do a tune on the truck, which not only boosts power, but also fine tunes the beast A10 transmission!  That’s right, truck has 10 gears 🙂

Will be a while before I take this thing off road; however, HOPEFULLY, I keep it long enough to venture out in the woods soon!

…stay tuned…

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