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I wanted to write a quick review for the Smittybilt SRC JK Rocker Guards that I have installed on my 2012 Jeep JK. When I set out to find something to protect the rocker panels and sides of my JK, I didn’t want steps. I didn’t lift my Jeep 3.5″ and install 35″ tires only to install some low hanging step that would get caught on everything while wheeling. So, I knew that I wanted a rocker guard instead of a side step. From there, it was all about protection, style and most of all, budget. The Smittybilt products often times get the reputation of being cheaply built, which is why they are priced where they are. Personally, I feel these SRC rocker guards are extremely well built. They come with a nice powder coat finish, and bolt right up to the frame (where the body mounts are).

Now, as others have mentioned in the past, sometimes the holes that are pre-drilled in Smittybilt products don’t line up exactly perfect with your JK. For example, with my experience, I had one rocker guard that bolted up perfectly and literally was installed in 10 minutes, and the second, 1 of the 2 holes required just a little grinding to make it more circular to fit over the bolt (as they come more elongated from the factory. This was my experience, and others have had worse problems, as well as NO problems. Honestly though, when looking at my options on the market, I would gladly trade 30 minutes of grinding for a few hundred dollars 🙂 The next step up that I was looking at going with were the Poison Spyder guards. Admittedly, i’m sure they are built better and wouldn’t require any modifications to bolt right up; however, I wasn’t willing to spend the extra three hundred or so dollars for the name & build quality.

The Smittybilt SRC Rocker Guards, once installed, look GREAT on my JK, and function exactly as advertised. They hug the body line extremely close, which I love, because as mentioned, I didn’t want any obstructions in the way when going in & over obstacles. If you have small feet, you MIGHT be able to use this as a semi-step, but be careful, they are NOT designed for that purpose, they are designed to protect the sheet metal body of your vehicle when you bottom out going off ledges & through deep ruts and other obstacles of the like. For that, these are perfect, and the most economical way I could find.

I rate these 4 out of 5 stars because had I not had to do some slight modifications, I would rank them perfect.

Check them out on my JK below, and grab your set from Amazon for the best price around!

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