Tesla Model S – Center Console Review

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What is the one feature inside your car’s interior you use probably the most and is often taken for granted?  Sun visors? Power seats?  Possibly… But what I am talking about are cup holders!  I know for me, nearly every time I leave my house, I have my 32oz YETI full of ice water just in case I get thirsty on my travels 🙂  Tesla thought of everything, from the most advanced battery system ever put into a car, to styling, to a 17″ navigation screen for those who can’t see well.  Everything but cup holders!If you own one of the early Tesla Model S cars like I do, you know exactly what I am referring to.  The arm rest that comes in the Model S does have two concealed cup holders; however, they are so small and so close together, it makes carrying two drinks very difficult.  In addition to the challenge of size, there is the arguably bigger issue of placement.  The cup holders, when revealed and in use, are directly in the path of would-be elbow tacklers waiting to spill that venti macchiato all over your nice interior!  Tesla finally realized, I think, that the so-called yacht floor was a cool idea, but in everyday use, no where near as useful as having the traditional console w/ cup holders & covered storage, so the later Model S’s have this option.

…but what about us early adopters?  There are a few options you can consider…

A.) Never allowing any drinks to be carried in your vehicle, ever.. Problem solved, but not practical. 🙂

B.) Go for the cheapest alternative, a rubber console insert that sits directly in the yacht floor channel.  I tested this out and decided to return it on the first day of actual use due to the fact that when removing your cup to take a sip, the entire console would lift off the floor since the rubber didn’t want to let go!  Top Fit Center Console Insert

C.) Finally quit messing around and get a nice console that matches the aesthetics of your interior by EVANNEX!  This is the console I have now and love!  EVANNEX Center Console Insert (CCI)

D.) If money is no object, go directly to Tesla and order the “official” console.  This is not only quite expensive, but requires you to remove your entire yacht floor & replace with their console.  Tesla OEM Center Console

The CCI from EVANNEX I thought was a very nice compromise!  No rigorous installs.. Priced right based on the materials used and quality/craftsmanship.. Solves the fundamental challenge I was trying to remedy (cup holders & covered storage).  This console is a very nice addition to the interior of the car, provides a staged cup holder to accommodate even the largest of drinks (including my 32oz YETI cup).  It also provides a nice covered storage location with a magnetic locking door to keep it closed & secure in transit.  It has a nice compartment to carry your mobile phone with a charging cable passthrough so you can plug your phone in and tuck away while driving (avoiding those urges to look at it while commuting, because the location is somewhat inconvenient for the quick glances).  The console also factory matches your interior.  There are several options to choose from, depending on the color of your leather and finish of your trim.  There are also a few additional options you can add on, such as a second cup holder located inside the covered storage area (of course, this would cut down on usable coverage storage substantially).  In addition, EVANNEX also sells a covered cubby compartment (the little shelf right above the console (below the 17″ screen) that matches the trim and is magnetically shut so it doesn’t fall out while driving.  Both of those options are available when purchasing, but I found they drove the price way up for the additional value-add, so I left them off.

What more can I say about this console?  It works, looks great in the car, simple to install and solves several challenges somehow Tesla, in their early years, completely missed the mark on 🙂  Console w/ storage & cupholders > huge open yacht floor where you can put a purse or bag 🙂

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