Tuffy Single Compartment Overhead Console

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Back when I had my 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sport, I quickly found that when you go off road with a group on trail rides, you really do need a solid form of communication.  Cell phones don’t work for many reasons, signal, having to exchange numbers with everyone, then having to actually dial someone.  2 way radios work great; however, 2 way means just that, two way, as in, two people 🙂  Even if you get a set with 4 or so hand held units, you are still limiting your group size, and have to make sure everyone gives them back to you before leaving.

A much easier approach for this communication is the tried and true CB radio!  This is super simple, show up for the trail ride, pick a channel, and everyone tunes to this channel and now you have a super simple way of communicating with everyone on the ride.  If you don’t want to listen, turn down the audio, but if you need something, it is extremely easy to chat with everyone.

I set out then to try and come up with a great mount location in the 2012 JKU to mount a real CB radio.  The problem is, there simply isn’t a great option on mount locations that would look anywhere near OEM & clean.  There is a small handheld all-in-one unit that many people will mount to the right of the right-side AC vent by the glove box, but for me, I don’t like this unit and prefer a full CB radio w/ the PA system capability.  So, I discovered the Tuffy Single Compartment Overhead Console back in 2012.

This was a no-brainer this time around, I knew exactly where and how I was going to mount my CB in my 2015 Rubicon.  Here are a few pics of the finished product as well as a video review of this unit.

*The one complaint I had back in 2012 was the SUPER sharp corners on this unit.  So, this time, I found some really nice cushion corners to prevent you from completely busting your skull while getting into the Jeep.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Tuffy Overhead Console 4 Piece Safe Corner Pads Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB Antenna Mount

Video Review:


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