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This has been a fun project so far. If you haven’t already seen the back story on this $300 jet ski, check out the initial page for all the details.

When I first picked up the jet ski, the trailer was in fair condition. Before I even left Tuscaloosa (obligatory ROLL TIDE!), I took it to a local shop and had the bearings replaced, greased and installed my new wheels & tires that I had ordered off eBay ahead of time. These really look awesome on the trailer and semi-match the rims on my Raptor (unintentionally). You can see the state of the ski before any work was done.

Original Condition
At Home

The trip home was uneventful, it made it just fine, and obviously the Raptor didn’t realize it even had anything in tow :). Now, the plan on this whole endeavor was to fix up the trailer some so, worst case, I could recoup my initial investment by selling a nice galvanized trailer with a “free” jet ski if it was beyond repair. So, the plan was to sand it down, prime & paint it black, replace the cracked fenders, new LED lights, new winch (was rusted badly) as well as a new tongue, safety chains, jack and new bunks. This was an easy part of the overall project and Amazon had all the parts. Here are some photos of the progress along the way…

And once everything was all put back together, here are some photos of the finished product…

Trailer project – DONE!

Stay tuned, more to come…

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